The primary function of the invitation is to inform guests of the date, time, place and hosts of the wedding or special event. Choose your invitation carefully, as it plays a major role in setting the tone and mood for your celebration. The wording, font and ink color you choose are also important when establishing and carrying through your event theme. Whether traditional or contemporary, your invitation should convey the feelings and sentiments you wish to share.

If your ceremony or banquet will be small and private, share your joyful news with friends, distant relatives and colleagues with an announcement. It should be sent out immediately after the event. Every H2 Cards invitation serves as a perfect announcement with a simple change in wording. We also offer a great selection of baby announcements for the proud grandparents/parents to share the birth of their precious little one.

Blank envelopes are included with all invitations. A return address may be printed on the flap of the outer envelope to ensure the return of any undeliverable invitations.

RSVP Cards
Enclosed in your invitations, RSVP cards are later returned by guests (usually two to three weeks before the event) to give you an accurate attendance count. This allows you to make appropriate preparations according to the number of people attending. The RSVP cards include matching envelopes printed with your name and address. Be sure to place a stamp on each envelope as a courtesy to your guests.

Direction Cards
Help guests easily find the way to your event with a printed direction/map card enclosed with each invitation. The direction cards are available in a variety of colors to match all your other enclosure cards.

Reception Cards
Reception cards invite guests to special events preceding or following the wedding ceremony, such as the rehearsal dinner, wedding breakfast, reception, dinner and dance, or gift opening. It can also be used as At Home Cards to inform friends and family of your new address. Both cards should be enclosed with your invitations.

Thank You Cards
A beautifully printed “Thank You” on the front of a folded card immediately conveys your appreciation for your guests’ attendance and gifts. Many of our thank you cards are designed to coordinate with the invitations we offer. Notes may be printed inside with a verse of appreciation and your names or left blank for handwriting your personal message.


When inserting a foldover invitation into an envelope, the fold goes into the envelope first. Enclosures are placed on the pile writing-side up. Enclosures with accompanying envelopes (i.e., RSVP cards) should be tucked under the flap on the envelope and then placed on the pile with the partially covered writing on the card face up. Insert the ensemble into the envelope in the following order: invitation, reception card, direction card and RSVP set. If you have a foldover invitation, place the enclosures face up inside the fold.


It is a custom to use the complete, formal name and address of your invited guests on the outer.